Saturday, March 18, 2023

Fabric Meets Paper & Cork by Eva

Fabric meets Paper & Cork
This week I need long time to find a start. Fortunately I could went yesterday to one of my favorite quit shops and get a piece of cork - I desired long time.
I knew I want to use scraps of my current project „SAHRR 2023“ - because with this project I was going out of my hammock.
And going out of the hammock … means to stopp doing what’s safe and comfy.

In a special way it is a doubled conquer a fear
1. doing the SAHRR 2023 - without any knowledge how it will come out and without any plan
2. doing the work with cork - showing here

it is a project I wanted to do long time
was afraid - if the machine will do it
was afraid - if the paper will work in as I want it to be
was afraid - to do it as always within last minute sewing

What do you see in the pictures:
* front „page“ or cover of the little note book
* quilt lines - free motion
* searched to envelopes - and !! without measuring the envelopes fits into the cover
* sewing a place for taks (zebra fabric)
* and on the last pictures you see there are four places for little notes - you will store

So - i went out of the box and I did not what’s safe and comfy - I tried something really new and do not stagnate
because herewith I combined fabric and paper - a long time wish of mine.
The dog in the hammock represents a tag and it was so lovely fitting to the theme - I have to put this picture in.

Created by Eva C for the Project QUILTING 14.6 Conquer a Fear Challenge.

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