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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We’ve Gone to Plaid

My quilt is called "We've Gone to Plaid" for Project Quilting season 8 challenge 5 titled well-dressed man.     I was looking through the tumbler of the men in suits that was in the inspiration section of the challenge post, and started thinking about men in skirts.  So I was then thinking about kilts and plaid.    Without thinking too much about how much of a challenge it would be, I searched plaid quilts and didn't see a pattern available that I liked, so I figured I would make my own. 

plaid plans

I did some google searches about plaid and came up with a wrapping paper that I thought looked nice.   So I took a screen shot, printed a photo, then went to the office supply store to get graph paper.     After figuring out how the plaid worked and doing the math to figure out how much I needed I got to choose the fabrics.  There are 15 different Kona Cotton Solids in this quilt.   A few of the colors are not my faves, but they were necessary to make the plaid work. 

we've gone to plaid

I cut all the pieces for the entire quilt first - then following my map I started piecing the blocks.   I got 3 rows finished Sunday evening watching the Oscars.  Then, Monday I finished the quilt top and tossed it on the long arm for wavy line quilting to soften all the right angles. 

Tuesday I prepped and sewed the binding to the quilt and then pressed it for hand stitching.   Today, I finished the hand binding and can call it done. :D   This piece finishes at 84" square and was made in Madison, WI. 

I hope you all enjoy!  

-- Jen M.

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  1. Your projects have all been great - but I ADORE this one!

  2. What really makes this work is that you got the transparencies all right, where it looks like the color is woven from its neighbors. Love it!

  3. Love what you made. Great colour and speed. Beautiful!

  4. Well, this is really fantastic. I love how well you pulled the colors together. Are you going to make the pattern available? I would enjoy giving this a try.



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