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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Finally … by Jen Mulder

This is my entry for the Finally off season challenge.      I have been weaving a ton since taking Tara's class on the Wefty Needles.   I have made a bunch of different panels which are not free standing, but haven't made them into anything.... so FINALLY I DID!  

Finally Wefty Woven Bag by Jen Mulder for Project QUILTING

I made this kaleidoscope weave panel of Kona Cotton Solids and matched it with some black canvas and hot pink thread to make this large tote bag.   

I create in Madison, WI.

Created by Jen Mulder of the Electric Needle


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Kona Cotton Fabric by the Yard

Finally … always a Cause for Celebration by Diane C

Here is "Finally...always a cause for celebration". My brainstorming took me through a variety of ideas, and eventually I settled on the thought that when something FINALLY happens, there's usually a reason to celebrate. I originally chose a green color scheme for this project, thinking about Kim and Trisha and the cold April they'd had (I'm in the San Francisco Bay area).

PQ May Finally always a cause for celebration 2018

But when I retrieved a finished 6" block to help me determine the appropriate size to make the letters, the block contained the fireworks fabric. Well, what better way to celebrate than with fireworks?--regardless of when the celebration is or what you're celebrating.  Enjoy!

Created by Diane Crawford for the May “Finally” Project QUILTING Challenge.


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Thursday, April 26, 2018

April Fool Car Wash by Diane Crawford

It’s been a rainy April here in the San Francisco Bay area. My car really needed a wash, but every time I had some time to have it washed, rain was in the forecast.  My car also needed just a bit of work (nothing serious) and when they were done, they washed the car—for free.  Wouldn’t you know that it rained the next day…At least it was a “free” car wash that got rained on.  So, that was the inspiration for this 15” x 24” project.  (BTW, the lightning is just for effect.  We never have lightning strikes here by The Bay.)

April Fool Car Wash

Hope Spring is finally coming to Wisconsin.

Thanks to both of you for another fun project.

Created by Diane Crawford for the Project QUILTING April Fools Challenge.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tumbling Blues by Jen M

Here's my entry for the off season April Fool's challenge.

Tumbling Blues Quilt By Jen Mulder

I call this quilt Tumbling Blues.    It is a triaxially woven quilt that finishes at 50 x 65 inches.   I felt it fit the challenge, because all of the strips needed to be completely finished so it would be a stand alone quilt.  The thought of doing all that prep work made me put it off for a solid week.   Then, I decided I just needed to do it or not, so I DID. 


I started by creating the set to create the kaleidoscope style weave.   I started with 40 fabrics and culled it down to 22.   I chose Kona Cotton Solids and Fossil Ferns all in shades of blues and white.    


First I cut these into 2.5 inch strips which went quickly on the accuquilt.  Then stitched the strips together to form long strips.   These were pressed in 1/4 inch on each side, then pressed in half and finally stitched closed so they could be woven.   I went through 16 bobbins stitching the strips!!


I wound the strips around bolts to keep them in order. I had over 40 hours amassed in doing this before I could even start the weaving.  


I modified a sheet of insulation foam to make the board for weaving.   Following the Wefty weaving instructions, I first put down the verticals and then started with the second layer at 30 degrees.    The final layer finished the quilt. 

Tumbling Blues Quilt By Jen Mulder

I took it to the long arm and did a meander in a middle blue color to keep it together when washed.  Finally I bound the quilt.   I am amazed how heavy it is.

Tumbling Blues Quilt By Jen Mulder

I create in Madison, WI.



The Electric Needle

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dreaming of Spring by Carol K

The story is the same. It has been WINTER here.


Brown with white and gray skies. I am ready for spring and some green.


I took 13 greens from my stash. I stitched and slashed. I am in love with it.


I am dreaming of my fields of green as my garden will grow throughout the summer.


Created by Carol Kunnerup for the Project QUILTING SCRAPtastic Challenge


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Lots of Plusses by Robin J

This is my Lots of Plusses, it is 12" square, I dug through lots of remains of finished quilts to get 12+ scrap fabrics.

I really wanted to do a big modern version of this but my time was limited due  to the arrival of our son and his family today and staying through Easter....yea, lots of hugs and juicy kisses!

I've wanted to do black thread free motion applique and started designing and cutting,. But when I tried free motion, I didn't like it. So I put my walking foot on and  stitched  away.

When I trimmed the batting to bind it, I really liked the way it looked with the black stitching showing, I really didn't want to cover it up. I will definitely do more black thread applique, but I'll use a more soft, curvey design that I can free motion.

created by Robin Jarvis for the Project QUILTING SCRAPtastic Challenge


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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rainbow Bridge by Liz M

PQ9.6. Scraptastic
Rainbow Bridge
Liz Mandelkow
Buhl Idaho

4” by 6”
I made this in remembrance of all the wonderful pets that have blessed my life.

Created for the Project QUILTING SCRAPtastic Challenge


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