Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mug Rug for a Musician by Katie R

 Mug rug for a musician (the name is almost bigger than the 6” project.)

Created by Katie Rutz for Project QUILTING Fussy Cut Challenge.


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Exercising is Good. Accessorizing is Better. by Liz M

 My mug rug is two sided. 

And depending on how I feel that day I can use the side that inspires me. 

Most days I accessorize but some days I exercise!

Quilt Challenge PQ 12.2

Fussy Cuts
Exercising Is Good. Accessorizing Is Better.
Liz Mandelkow
I create in Buhl Idaho


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Fussy Cut Trivet by Jacomina

I had promised my son a trivet, so this was the perfect challenge to meet this goal and have fun at the same time with this regal fabric

Jacomina de Regt

Created for the Project QUILTING Fussy Cut Challenge.

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Baa Sheep Pillow by Carolyn R

 Baa Sheep Pillow 

Thank you for organizing this challenge. My family is enjoying participating! 


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Kathy by Liz A

 Here is my mug rug completed as Challenge 2  (Fussy Cut) of Project QUILTING Season 12

It is called Kathy because I learned about your site and this challenge just this morning from my friend Kathy.  

This was fun because I had recently fussy cut the flower and put it in my stash of 2" squares that I keep, made from left overs from scraps in my stash.
I used other squares in the 2" stash to surround the flower and then bordered it with a strip of shirting that was  a scrap from the Bonnie Hunter Grassy Creek quilt I am participating in.  The binding was also made from narrow strips from my scrap box.  It was fused on using Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite and then stitched over.  A lot of fun.

Liz Adams, Silver Spring, Maryland

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Fussy Cut Potholder by Amy G

 English Paper pieced potholder.  

Love the kaleidoscope pattern the fussy cut created in the final design.

Amy Ganden

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

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