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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mellow Yellow Placemats by Donna

I really like yellow so thought good time for a couple new placemats, even embroidered quite rightly on them, fun fun

They are 15 x 19
Donna A

Created for the Project QUILTING Mellow Yellow Challenge


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Blue Vase with Daffodils by Theresa B

I am Theresa Bradley.  I quilt in Powder Springs,  Ga.  It has been record breaking temperatures this week and daffodils are blooming.


This piece is Blue Vase with Daffodils.  It is 11x17 and has raw edge applique,  thread painting,  ribbon and beads. I have always loved the contrast of blue and yellow.

Created by Theresa B for the Project QUILTING mellow yellow challenge


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Mellow Yellow by Jen Mulder

The first thing to come to my mind was the song "Bright as Yellow" by Innocence Mission.   This very simple quilt popped into my head.    Then I second guessed it for a few hours, thought about bargello quilts, Minions, Pikachu, Sponge Bob and other options, but I kept coming back to this one so I went for it.   IMG_3047I picked out 11 shades of Kona Cotton solids. 


The piecing is sort of like if you took a small rectangle of a bargello quilt and magnified it by 100.  IMG_3052The back has very small rubber ducks about 1/2" x 1/2" all over.  The quilting is freehand sunflowers from the song - "flower scarlet, flower gold, and have no thorns to distance me"


I plan on donating this quilt to Gilda's Club for one of their fund raising efforts.   I quilt in Madison, WI.


Created by Jen Mulder of The Electric Needle for the Project QUILTING Mellow Yellow Challenge.


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Fullscreen capture 2242018 32132 PM

Mellow Yellow Kitty by Vasha R

Just finished a comfort quilt "Sunshine and Rainbows" so there was a lot of yellow lying around.


Also working on a Kaffe Fasset cat quilt from Jordan Fabrics, so I had this cat outline that cried out for personality and it all came together in this Mellow Yellow Kitty with mouse snacks (sprinkles are chocolate and the ones with outlines are sugar free) and a martini. How mellow can this cat be? Very!!

19" tall and 15" wide.

Birmingham, Alabama

Vasha Rosenblum

created for the Mellow Yellow Project QUILTING Challenge


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Yellowbird Up High in Banana Tree

"Yellowbird up high in banana tree".

My mother used to sing this to me and later to my kids.20180223_102545_001_resized

Woodra Clontz

Saint Simons island,  Georgia

created for the Project QUILTING Mellow Yellow Challenge


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Running Out of Yellow by Cindy T

This is called “Running Out of Yellow” it’s something that when opening the fridge got me excited when I found out my mustard was pretty much empty. 


It’s a great way to practice meandering for another project I’m working on.

Created by Cindy Thompson for the Project QUILTING Mellow Yellow Challenge.


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Friday, February 23, 2018

Selvedge Quilt by Linda S

Selvedge quilt, machine pieced and quilted.   I don't have much yellow in my stash, but did find these mostly yellow selvedges and yellow cotton and love to create with the selvedge strips.  


Created by Linda Satkowski for the Project QUILTING “Mellow Yellow” Challenge.


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Boundless Blenders Ombre Fabric by the Yard

from: Craftsy
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