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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Gypsy Wife by Claudia M

Claudia M from Beaver Dam WI
My Gypsy Wife
I saw the Gypsy Wife quilt online and at quilt shows and thought is was so different, I had to make one.  When I found the pattern at an area quilt shop, I was there!  Including leftover fabrics from a family sewing weekend really makes this quilt special to me. 

image1 (2)

My long arm quilter used a variety of patterns and thread colors  just or the vertical strips giving it a very custom look.  Quilt measures about 66" X 58".

Linking to the Scrap Quilt Challenge


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Sunburst by Claudia M

Claudia M from Beaver Dam WI an original scrap quilt using paper piecing crazy quilt blocks.  Quilt measures approximately 60" square.  I had a color sketch that I then sorted through scraps to attempt to recreate. 

image2 (1)

My long arm quilter brought it to life with a sun face in the middle, wind and moon in the sky and fauna in the doesn't show the quilting.



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Scrappy Quilt by Donna

My quilt measures 66x75
My mom gave me these scraps, she got from a thrift store and here it is,


I think some are vintage.
Fun, Fun,

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A Scrappy Wedding Gift

I have to keep this quilt fairly “under wraps” as it’s a wedding gift and it has yet to be gifted.  Hopefully the lucky couple isn’t able to figure anything out from this vague post!

Made for the Scrap Quilt Challenge!image1 (1)

Scrap Quilt by H.U.



Thursday, October 27, 2016

“Sydney’s Quilt” by Julie M

Here is my photo of 'Sydney's Quilt' -- a scrap quilt I made for my niece's first birthday.  

elmer - Postage Stamp Side

There are 2,240 x 1 inch squares in the quilt.   I ended up rooting through my scraps and ended up fussy cutting over 500 of the squares into a mini I spy.  

Birthday 2

She loves to pick the ones that have the I spy!

Made by Julie Mirdoch

Monday, October 10, 2016

Kaffe Scrap Quilt by Barbara R

Today I’m posting a quilt to enter in the Scrap Quilt Challenge made by Barbara Radzevicius. 


54 inches by 60 inches
Made from Kaffe Fassett Collective 2 1/2 inch strips, pieced, cut diagonally, stitched and cut again and then made into blocks. I hand quilted using Purl cotton variegated no. 12



Thursday, July 7, 2016

“Low Volume Plus Quilt” for the Scrap Quilt Challenge by Judie H

The Low Volume Plus Quilt I submitted for the Scrap Quilt Challenge is my first attempt to cross the bridge from Traditional to more Contemporary quilt making.  I am not yet ready to venture into Modern quilts with a lot of negative space and graphic designs in them, although they are very striking.  

2016-07-06 Low Volume Plus quilt

So I began surfing blogs and was loving the low volume backgrounds that I saw in some quilts. I started collecting photos of my favorites and began searching for low volume fabrics on Etsy.  First time I saw a Plus quilt I just knew I had to make one.  I am not one for using bright colors in my quilts very often, but after making baby and toddler quilts for grandchildren I decided to search through my stash. I surprised myself to find enough bright scraps to make the Low Volume Plus Quilt and a scrappy binding for the quilt I like to name Color Me Happy.  


made by Judie Harron




Sunday, March 20, 2016

“Wonky Monkey” by Cheryl H

This one was a struggle. Am not precision oriented so I tried the required blocks and they came out okay but the whole thing won't align so I just punted and finished it off.

The upside: I got to use the charm squares ("small talk") I won in an earlier challenge and some fabric (black with dots) that a friend brought me from India.
Title: Wonky Monkey
Made in issaquah, WA

by Cheryl Hauser

Saturday, March 19, 2016

“Air Currents” by Judy Valentino

“Air Currents” by Judy V


I took a pic flat so you could see pattern and then stuffed as a pillow. I'm calling it "Air Currents" . Thank you, Judy ValentinoIMG_1025



“Circling the Wrench” by Barbara Moore

“Circling the Wrench",

image1 (2)

approx 8x15" with blocks finishing at 2-1/2".  Made by Barbara Moore in Tucson.



“Horicon Marsh Flyway” by Claudia M

Horicon Marsh Flyway
Claudia M.

Living in Dodge County, home of the Horicon Marsh helped to inspire me for this week's challenge thus the name Horicon Marsh Flyway.  I used the suggested Monkey wrench block in the center of my quilt to represent the marsh. 

image1 (1)

Additional blocks also known as a monkey wrench (or snail's trail) were used for the land and sky that the the flying geese use on their way north and south each year, passing through the marsh.  The flying geese are paper pieced and loosely attached on top of the blocks creating a 3D effect of the geese in flight.  Piece measures just under 13" square.

Claudia M
Beaver Dam WI



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Monkey Wrenches and Flying Geese

My granddaughter has a birthday next Saturday ,thought she might enjoy it.


10 by 29 inches
Created by Donna Beardsley, MN

Sunday, March 6, 2016

“Childhood Colors” by Cheryl H

Childhood Colors
The day after the challenge was announced a friend asked me to repair a broken handle on a bag that had her son's artwork on it--my inspiration piece.


I felt like doing something scrappy because that is the path of least resistance for me and so I used the scraps the quilting ladies from church give me.


The palette reminded me of my 1970s childhood.

Created in issaquah wa by Cheryl Hauser



Friday, March 4, 2016

“The Colorful Chameleon” by Claudia M

Without kids, I needed to call upon my nieces and nephews for help with an inspiration piece for this week's challenge.  My great niece, Coley, shared her art work with me from when she was 11.   This is my inspiration piece.


I then proceeded to re-create her piece using fused fabric.  I included a scallop-edged binding to finish the piece.  image2I am very happy with the piece and especially happy since to quote Coley...I don't like it...I love it!  Can't get better than that.  Thanks Coley.
The finished piece measures 17" X 12" by Claudia M in Beaver Dam WI.




“Blue” by Garen

“Blue’ by Garen for the Through the Eyes of a Child Project QUILTING Challenge.

Original age 3 

image (2)

Mine well - much older!


Measures 16 x 21

Title - Blue





Sunday, February 21, 2016

“Dreaming of India” by Quinta De Quilter

Good morning!!

Here is my entry #4,

Dreaming of India!

image (6)

16" square

Made with cotton fabric purchased in Jaipur India! 



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Saturday, February 20, 2016

“Parisian Cafe Life” by Cheryl H

39.5" x 44.5"
Title: Parisian Cafe Life
Inspired by a trip to Paris I'm planning.

FullSizeRender (4)
Created in issaquah wa

by Cheryl Hauser




“Relaxing Night and Day” by Claudia M

Relaxing Night and Day
We enjoy spending time on the water as often as we can so this reminds me of those long peaceful days and evenings spent at the lake. 

image1 (9)

This is pieced, raw edged collage and fused fish measuring about 9 X 13 inches.  Claudia M, Beaver Dam WI



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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Spools of Thread from Terry T


Last minute finish – story coming soon!

By Terry Truesdale

“Threads” by Irene C

Threads, runner for my newly organized quilt room!


By Irene Crofford

“Blue Window” by Kristin

I am Kristin and I create in Dickens  Tx.
Town of under 300. " BLUE WINDOW" was inspired by several old stone covered buildings we have in this area.

The buttons are even vintage gifted to me, from a local sewer that can no longer because of illness.
This measures about 10 x23
This was my first attempt  at thread art and I think I am hooked! ! :)



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“Thread Therapy” by Garen

Ready for my close up - 

Attached is my quilt - "thread therapy"

It is 18 1/2 by 23"

image (5)

I was having a bad day and well the quilting just got out of hand but I felt better when I was finished! Mission accomplished!

Thanks Kim!




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Saturday, February 6, 2016

“A Sheaf of Stitches” by MaryAnn

Here is my entry for the thread challenge. I call it "A Sheaf of Stitches". It's my first try at thread stitching so it's certainly not perfect, but I had fun.  FullSizeRender (3)It's 6 1/2 x 13 inches.

by MaryAnn S




Dimensional Machine Embroidery

Bird of Paradise by Claudia M

Bird of Paradise
I struggled with an idea for this challenge since I did not want to use a "thread" type of block.   I decided I wanted to use my "orts" from embroidery that I have been saving (those short bits of fibers from cross stitch, etc) but needed to figure out a quilt pattern.  After searching through photos, I found one of a Bird of Paradise plant that I saw while in San Diego last year.  image1 (7)I sketched out a simplified version of the photo and created this.  It's about 14 1/2 inches square.  This is my first attempt at using the faux piping binding on a quilt...really like how that worked out.
Claudia M from Beaver Dam WI.

Friday, February 5, 2016

“Thread Can Do” by Claudia D

Claudia Donolli
Clayton, North Carolina
Title: Thread Can Do
Size: 36 x15
I made this Wall Hanging for my Sewing Room.
I thought of all the things you can do with Thread.IMG_20160204_114953

Tried first time:
IMG_20160131_194026Double border scalloped
Raw edge applique
Free motion quilting satin stitch
IMG_20160131_193751Using lightweight web fusible under top and before batting in my quilt sandwich.



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