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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“Blowing in the Wind” by JeanAnn Fenrich

“Blowing in the Wind” 

Created for the Project QUILTING Mellow Yellow Challenge


19” x 19”

By JeanAnn Fenrich, playing with fiber and fabrics in Scandia, Minnesota.

Dandelions certainly are obnoxious. But you have to admit a field or yard dotted with a yellow carpet of Dandelions can be a lovely site. Braiding the stems to make a yellow crown of flowers or sending the seeds soaring in the wind fill carefree summer days for many children.

2_Fabric and thread

The background (blue > yellow) ombre fabric is a Gelato by Daiwabo. I had a good selection of yellow bits to make petals. A black print was used for the stem and flower head. Green grass was a piece of dark green batik. Embroidery thread was used for all quilting.

3_Testing the stem and petals

Testing petals to gauge how many I might want to throw to the wind.

4_Wind quilted

“Wind” lines placed first.

5_sticthing grass_placing stem

Background grass thread painted.

6_Wind quilted_testing grass

Rough cut dark green grass blades.


I was surprised I ended up with 100 petals. Each was stitched to make sure all stayed in place.

This small wall hanging was sandwiched with thin batting and the edge binding matched the color on each side.


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  1. So pretty and binding perfection!

  2. really really love this - the blowing petals are perfect and really like the other techniques you used too !!


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