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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

‘Scattered Geese’ by Indigo Kennedy

Scattered Geese


indigo kennedy

‘Not My Mother’s Flying Geese’ by Lisa Foslein

! I call it 'Not My Mother's Flying Geese.' I was inspired by the quilt that I made with my mom as a child. The blue quilt was on my bed for years, and it went to college with me.

lisa mcdonald

The back of my challenge quilt includes a picture of my old quilt. Even better, is that my daughter helped to create the design and do some of the quilting. Too bad it won't fit on her bed! We will have to make another quilt together

lisa mcdonald back

by Lisa Foslien

‘Fishing Around’ by Wendy B

Fishing Around by Wendy B, Cumming, GA


During the layout of the rows to sew my quilt together I sewed a couple of rows upside-down. After stepping back and looking at the quilt I was surprised to see it had turned into a fish.

‘Last one in, is a rotten goose!’ by Sandy H

This is called "Last one in, is a rotten goose!"  Just finished the binding.  We've begun a two week road trip to New England and I'm afraid I did this way too much in a hurry as we were on vacation the first part of the month also.


Free motion quilting is not my strong suit -- definitely need more practice.  Thanks!  Sandy Huovinen,

‘Be Afraid … Be Very Afraid!’ by Nancy LaPorte

Love, love, love this month's block, Flying Geese. I knew immediately that they were actually flying bats! I still had indigo fabric left from my Cherrywood pack and decided to add more children to a Halloween scene.

FullSizeRender (14)

(After my last entry, the spooky carnival, my sister said I was getting too dark! ) So only the monsters are scared in this month's fun.
"Be Afraid....Be Very Afraid!"
By Nancy LaPorte

‘Wild Geese’ by Nancy Hutchison

Wild geese ( a favorite poem of my daughter Liz. By Mary Oliver )


by Nancy Hutchinson

‘Autumn’s Desert Wind Song’ by Liz Mandelkow

Autumn’s Desert Wind Song

by Liz Mandelkow


The winds of fall are in the air.

This was the month of the Harvest moon or Super Moon and eclipse.

The shadows are long and warm in color.

The birds are flying south.

The coyote sings his lonely call of winter to come and lean times in the desert.

This is the inspiration behind my quilt.

‘Memories from Chartre’ by Leana M

Memories from Chartre. By Leana McCutcheon, Roxbury, NJ

The last time I walked the Chartre Labyrinth with my dear friend Carol, we had an extraordinary experience.  It was near the end of our month in Paris and our friend Joanna had joined us.  We took the train to Chartre for the day.  After we each had walked the labyrinth, we were photographing each other on it.  Using our digital cameras, we noticed orbs of light appear in the photos.  They were not visible in real-life.  The number, size and location of the orbs changed as we communicated with our inner spirits.  It was really difficult to walk away from the experience to board the train to return to Paris.

image1 (13)
For this quilt I added the design of the Chartre Labyrinth, sprinkled it with stardust, and added a few orbs!  Carol's favorite color was blue.  It is the color of the fifth circuit of the classic seven-circuit labyrinth and is associated with the Throat Chakra.


‘Wait for me....migrating geese!’ by Linda K

Wait for me....migrating geese!

2015-09-30 13.48.10

by Linda Kowalski

“Up Up and Away” by Marsha Friou

My inspiration  for Focus Though The Prism Challenge Flying Geese was a Blog of Victoria Findlay Wolfe


I free drew on newspaper and then I found this great Geese print at the Quilt Expo. Thanks to Marcia Wachuta's awesome quilting for "Up Up and Away" is finished just in time.

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‘Purple Haze’ by Laurel Hewitt

‘Purple Haze’ by Laurel Hewitt

Purple Haze

It's done - with a kitchen remodel plus usual life activity I am excited I'm making the deadline.  I wanted to play with blending colors and shapes. Craftsy

‘Prayers Ascending on the Wings of ( Mourning ) Doves’ by Anna Montgomery

‘Prayers Ascending on the Wings of ( Mourning ) Doves’ by Anna Montgomery20150930_092231-1

why are white doves the symbols of peace and Spirit in western Christianity? why not brown doves?


Mourning doves. . . carrying prayers of lament by and for oppressed communities.

Lord, in your mercy. ..

0830151733-00 (2)

by Anna Montgomery


‘Keeping It Simple #5’ by Audrey Manning

"Keeping it Simple #5" by Audrey Manning

image1 (12)
I wanted to use mostly solids for this one since that was the topic for September's Modern Club. Quilted beautifully by Marcia Wachuta.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

‘Come Fly With Me’ by Roxy Pike

What better way to view quilts than with the sky as a backdrop?  "Flying Geese" seems a natural for the banner, but one goose on the loose wants us to join in the fun, ........ "Come Fly With Me!"

come fly with me 1
Cherrywood's yellow and other sunlit fabrics lets the quilt read golden yellow. The 30's repro fabrics had been in my collection for years and it was time to bring them out to play.

by Roxy Pike

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Zebras in the Yard by Debbie S

‘Zebras in the Yard’


by Debbie S

‘Xmas Geese’ by Zeeda M

This is my interpretation of the flying geese challenge.  When I found this flying geese pattern on a design site I knew I had to make it for this month's challenge.


I like the way the flying geese blocks blend into each other.  I appliqu├ęd arrow blocks and added two geese at the bottom of the block imitating the arrow shape.  The red Cherrywood fabric makes up the majority of the block background.

~Zeeda Magnuson

Saturday, September 26, 2015

‘Flying’ by Sue Johnson



Who flies better than geese?  I do best with a subject so this month I close Halloween.  As I have each month, keeping with the ROYGBIV theme, there is a tatted O for orange.


Friday, September 25, 2015

‘Which way Home’ by Vicki Anda


"Which way home?" The October challenge, by Vicki Anda

‘The Last Rose of Summer’ by Pat Dubois

I always hate to see summer end but my roses seem to bloom like crazy when Fall comes around.  The Last Rose of Summer

FullSizeRender (13)

Focus Through the Prism – Flying Geese Challenge

‘Go Away From My Window’ by Evelyn Larrison

“Go  away from my window, go at your own chosen speed.  Your not the one I wanted, your not the one I need.”     Do you remember these  starting lyrics to “ It aint’ you babe “. “ Go away from my window”  is the name of my September flying geese quilt.  It is totally pieced, no appliques. 

evelyn quilt

After finishing it I see at least 3 things I would do differently.  But isn’t that the way it always goes.  (I gotta quilt listening to Pandora oldies while I quilt.)

~Evelyn Larrison

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

‘Indian Corn Flower’ by Sherri Moening

Indian corn flower.    Green is a color I'm not wild about so I wanted to get it out of the way. I finished it and didn't like it.


My friends came over and thought it looked like Indian corn.  So I used paint on the quilted circles like the colorful corn I have.  It finished it and now I like it better.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

‘Born to be Wild’ by Cheryl Snellgrove

My September entry for Focus on the Prism challenge.  I chose to use the Cherrywood purple fabric as this month's color choice. It's used for the horse, binding and a few geese. 


My only dilemma has been what to name it. I've finally decided on "Born to be Wild."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Indian Summer by Sharon Scott

This September focus through the prism challenge piece is called Indian Summer, the unseasonably warm weather in Autumn.

FullSizeRender (11)One of my favorite memories of geese is when they would fly over the Patrick Marsh area where I taught. 

FullSizeRender (12)

They were particularly beautiful in the early morning with the sun coming up.  The orange Cherrywood fabric was used for the dividers and the borders.

Winter is Coming … Fly South by Karen Golden

I'm calling this Winter is Coming....Fly South!

by Karen Golden

The geese are messy but they have a beauty about them.  I enjoy their coming and going with the seasons.  

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