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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Earlier in Season 6

Photo’s and stories of quilts made by others for Project QUILTING Season 6 challenges.

Challenge 1: Trees

Family by Kathryn S

2015-01-09 20.57.38

My quilt called Family
It tells a story. My family of 11 kids.
The flying geese are mom teaching us to fly. The tree is the family. Some flowers have fallen to the ground as we have lost them. The feet are the different paths we have taken but all have lead back to home.(Lower right )
Kathy Sawyer

Unless by Victoria Basler


The photo is attached. This is called "unless". I chose to make a truffula tree from the movie and book "The Lorax" by Dr Seuss. The background and trunk is pieced and the top if the truffula tree is appliqued and everything is top stitched. I started with the background using insparation from the cover of the book. I then made the trunk and then the top of the tree. I am in Kimberly, Wisconsin. The size is 5" X 7". This will also hang in my nephew's Lorax themed bedroom.

By the Light of the Moon by Amber


I made this little 6" diameter quilted hot pad (has two layers of insulbrite inside) for the challenge and my husband has started calling it "By the Light of the Moon" so I guess that will stick.  He helped and freehanded a tree for me and then I played with some FMQing on an old treadle and then shaded it with a fabric crayon.  I've never done "thread art" before, or coloring fabric, or binding with a machine, or curved lots of firsts!

I had lots of fun learning to do some new techniques and hope future challenges will allow me to improve upon them.  Thanks for hosting this project!


4 Seasons by Polly


4 Seasons...Oklahoma City, Ok...size: 19" x 30" wall hanging. In keeping with my resolve to use supplies I have in my stash I chose to use a decorator fabric for the background, cotton for the applique leaves and yarn and embroidery thread for the tree trunk.


The back is a piece of damask table runner.oh, I forgot to mention that the left side was intentional.  That is the way it was shaped and so I just left it.

True Love Tree Carving by Cara B


Title: True Love Tree Carving
Description: Heart appliqué on a brown background and free motion quilting to give the tree bark texture.
It is 21" x 18"

CO are my initials (with maiden name)  GB are my husbands.

Made in my home in Fredericksburg VA. Eardrum Rm NH

Lucas's Window by Kim K


im kim and i quilt in Collinsville Illinois.  this is Lucas's Window. i made it for my 3 year old autistic son. its a sensory blanket. size is 17 inch by 21 inch. i did different stitches and textured material to give it dimension also added stuffing to the leaves and walnut, buttons to the stick.  it is based on the 2 trees he has outside the window in his room

Cold Winter Tree By Shelia H

image1 (1)

I create all sorts of getting goodies in Deforest. Recently I have procured an awesome industrial sewing machine. A long time ago I worked in an upholstery shop where I made boat covers and pier canopies. On my breaks I would use the industrial machine to sew purses! How fun!! Now I have the same machine and I have been experimenting with what I can do.... This challenge was the perfect thing .... Let's see if I can quilt something on it.

Background- antique quilted upholstery fabric (I have had this forever and thought it would be perfect!
Tree- leather
Grassy knoll- cotton and sheer silk
Moon- old sparkly fancy dress
Backing- Naugahyde / pleather


I tried to sketch it after gathering materials, and that didn't work so I started by cutting out the leather tree freehand. Then I made the "grassy knoll" using my regular machine. I wanted it to have a lot of texture. I set it aside,  layered the pleather, batting and upholstery fabric. I had to duck tape the tree to set it in place and started sewing it down. Next came the grass, I left the bottom of the tree open and stuffed it with more batting to give dimension.

image1 (2)

The moon was quilted on the regular machine adding more batting as I went, and stuffed with 4 layers when I applied it to the quilt. I couldn't find anything for a border so I just folded the fabric and wanted to give it an asymmetrical look.... So I don't have to have a perfect measurement! I the folds I included a hanger at the top. I then cut the pleather real close to the sticking on the back and it has a nice finished look.
It measures about 40" x 51" and its title is " cold winter tree"


Winter Sky by Claudia M


The piece title is Winter Sky.  The piece is about 18 inches square.  Winter Sky was machine pieced without templates, then machine quilted.  I next added more branches via thread painting. Since I have many cardinals visiting our bare trees in the winter, I added a cross-stitched Cardinal that I made to the tree.

I am Claudia Mielke, I quilt in Beaver Dam, WI.

Irish wood by Wanda M

Irish wood

My name is Wanda Mahn and I live in Royal, Arkansas.  My quilt entry is called " Irish Wood".  It is a 31" square wall hanging machined pieced and machine quilted with hand quilted celtic knotwork accents except for the trunk of the tree.

4 Ever by Laurie K


Laurie Klinkhammer - Downing, WI
The Challenge: Trees
Quilt Name: 4 Ever
Size: 8.5" x 10.5"
Creative process: Thoughts of the challenge were floating around in my head at the same time I looked at my husband which prompted memories of carving initials inside of hearts on trees.  Then came the background using gridded fused interfacing in a small project.  I used split-stitching for the carving blending three colors of floss as learned in a recent class at Woodland Ridge.  The quilt has a pocket of sorts on the back which fits over an acrylic picture frame.

Farewell to Trees ... Hoomage to PHoneix painter Phillip Curtis by Tove

Project quilting January 2015 003

Quilt Name: Farewell to Trees.... Homage to Phoenix painter Phillip Curtis.
The process; First attempt to paint "canvas" with diluted fabric paints making the background - fun and very messy- will definitively do again. Applique of the female figure,the tree and the garland.
Machine quilted and pillow turned. I had the quilt hanging for a day before enhancing the colors- making the quilt brighter ( should have thought of that before- :) . This is what I think of trees this week.

made by Tove in Phoneix AZ

Snow through the Trees by Jean M

Snow through the Trees


Tropical Sun by Wanda M

Tropical Sun

I am Wanda Mahn from Royal, Arkansas.  Please accepted this entry for challenge #2.  I call it Tropical Sun.  This is my first attempt at an art quilt.  It is 15" x 18" and I did several types of applique (needle turn, reverse and raw edge)  to create this wall hanging.  I can't think of anything more romantic than a tropical sunrise/sunset.

Wanda L Mahn

Backyard In Winter by akachery


Title: Backyard in Winter
Size: 28.5" x 40"
Materials: flannel and microfiber suede, low loft batting.

Challenge 2: Sunrise/Sunset

San Diego Sunset by Amy McQueen


I've named this "San Diego Sunset". I scrapped my original idea & completed this 24 X 45 mini quilt TODAY! It's made of all batik fabrics & has some FMQ and some walking foot quilting.

I hope I'm able to get it posted before the deadline. 

Thanks for a fun challenge.  I've NEVER done anything like this before & stepped WAY outside if my comfort zone on this :)

project quilting_sunset on the lake

September Serenity by Claudia M


September Serenity

Created by layering small fabric pieces on the background then machine quilted with a water soluble sheet on top.  Techniques I have never done before but always wanted to since I had the sheets in my stash for some day, reminded of it by one of your inspiration photos.  Piece is 8.5" x 9.5".
Claudia, Beaver Dam.

Wisconsin Sunset by Victoria B


"Wisconsin Sunset" 46"x60" I had bought these hand dyed fabric several years ago at the Madison quilt expo. This quilt is made with 4" squares! Made in Kimberly, WI

Thank you,
Victoria Basler

Waited All Night for the Sunrise by Laurie K

Waited All Night for the SunriseS

Imagine the stars moving thru the night and leaving trails which will vanish as the sun rises.

Laurie Klinkhammer, Downing, WI
Name:  Waiting All Night for Sunrise
Size:  8.5" x 10.5"

Sunset by Marsha Friou


sunrise, sunset by Jo Griffiths

sunrise, sunset

Blissful Days   Sunrise Sunset Quilt.
It is mainly curved piecing and made from scraps.
I have had the pattern for about 4 years so this was motivation to finally do it.

By Jo Griffiths
Wanganui, New Zealand

Running Free by Ninapapa upchurch


Challenge 3: Orphan Blocks & UFOs

PQ6 Binder Cover by Laurie K


Artisan:  Laurie Klinkhammer
Name:  PQ6 Binder Cover
Size:  22.5" x 12"
For this challenge I decided to look in my drawer. This is the drawer into which I stuff test blocks, extra blocks and fabric I'm hiding from myself so I don't use it while I'm working on a project. The contents were delighted to be considered for a project and after a trip down memory lane of the story of my family in quilts I opted for the orphan triangle log cabin made for a guild round robin. I decided to make a 3-ring binder cover for myself. It's also been put into service for my quilt guild papers.

Christmas Memories by Claudia M



Christmas Memories
20 x 31"

Many months ago, inspired by Victoria Findlay Wolfe's book, 15 Minutes of Play, I grabbed my bag of Christmas scraps and began to create "made fabric".  When my sewing time ran out, I had lots of irregular blocks and my bag of scraps seemed untouched!  The blocks were put aside and now seemed perfect for the orphan block challenge.  I found more scraps to add between the blocks to create the table runner, keeping the irregular sizes.


I quilted around each fabric piece with a green variegated thread.  PS, without the Packers in the Super Bowl, I could quilt all day!
Claudia M., Beaver Dam, WI

Buried Treasure by Sharon Scott - Finished


The project UFO was inspired by Jean Wells and finished in December of 2012 and now I have finally used it in this wallhanging which was inspired by Jacquie Gering. Thank you for doing this Challenge.


before - Buried Treasure by Sharon Scott

The project UFO was inspired by Jean Wells and finished in December of 2012 and now I have finally used it in this wallhanging which was inspired by Jacquie Gering. Thank you for doing this Challenge.

Dollie's Quilt by Wanda M - finished16461892291_1541926fbc_z

Hello, I am Wanda Mahn of Royal, Arkansas.  My entry for challenge 3 is "Dollie's Quilt".  It is 18" x 22", just right for American Girl type doll.  I may not win a prize in this challenge, but I will win first place in my granddaughter's heart when she get the quilt.  DSCN1052

It is made with left overs from another quilt I did.

Vintage Spring by akachery




I'm calling it Vintage Spring
34.5" x 43"
I included a picture of the two orphan blocks as well. They were left over from a church quilt top and I was gonna make them into a purse but decided to use them with some of the leftover fabric (from a garage sale) in this challenge for a lap quilt.
It was created in Issaquah, Washington.
Thanks again for all your support! I'm having fun with this; really all my pieces should be called "Lesson x: Everything I don't know about quilting but learn in the PQ challenges."




joyce before


Table Runner by Laura M

This is a table runner that I started in December (2014).  I made one exactly like this for my sister for Christmas and I liked it so much that I started another one for myself.  Then the holidays hit and I never finished.  I want to thank you for the push to complete it.  I am not a very good photographer (but I totally blame my crappy camera), so the photos do not do the project justice.   The runner is 18” by 56” and I love it and so does Bea the cat.  I hope you do also.
I look forward to the next theme and thank you for getting my creative mojo inspired.


Challenge 4: Have a Heart

Hearts All Over by Kim Kuechle


the front

hey is my heart challenge piece. its a pillow called hearts all over. im kim and i quilt in Collinsville IL.  i had alot of fun with this challenge. i wove strips of fabric and then quilted them including a heart in the center facebook_1424358065791

and the back has hearts all over hence the name

Patched Hearts by akacheryl


Title: Patched Hearts
Created in Issaquah WA
this was a bit of experiment--got myself a walking foot.

Pieces of my Heart by Claudia M

image1 (6)

Pieces of My Heart

Approximately 30"x 21". Original design using scraps of 2 inch cut squares and half square triangles to create the quilt top of 6 large hearts with 8 smaller crazy patch hearts appliquéd on background squares.    Created in Beaver Dam by Claudia M.

Happy Hearts by Ellen Upchurch


Every female in my family has had some type of cancer or serious medical issue so when I made this I named it happy hearts as we all need to remember that life is short. We need to live each day with a happy heart as  we never know what tomorrow will bring.  Cherish those around you while you can.

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