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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter and Spring by Ellen U

Here are Ellen Upchurch’s entries for the Season’s Project QUILTING Challenge.DSC00708 (2)

I started these two mini wall hangings which I just finished this morning and they happen to fall into the seasonal challenge.  Please  post for me.  My favorite is winter but the spring was fun to do as it gives something to look forward to. 

With nothing but time to sit around they got done quickly.

DSC00710 (2)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

“Goddess of the Seasons” by Laurie K

Here she is!  Goddess of the Seasons. 

FullSizeRender (2)

Slices of winter colors moving into spring, then summer and ending with fall - may favorite season.

by Laurie Klinkhammer



‘Seasons from the Window’ by Eileen L

Here is my challenge quilt number 2. 


I call it Seasons From The Window it is 30 x30. I used applique. Eileen Lloyd from Harvard Illinois




“Blue Skies on Snow” by Sylvia C

During the winter I miss the sun.  When it's gloomy outside I'm gloomy inside.  When the sun is out and the skies are blue I appreciate the beauty of the white stuff.  My heart is lifted.  I experienced a scene like this on my way to a Mill House class.

image1 (6)

by Sylvia Contreras



“just a bird” by adva

And done! Representing Spring: "just a bird"

adva just a bird

adva just a bird close up

close up of “just a bird”.

Second entry (no, I'm not an overachiever!) smile emoticon"Spring in Paris - wishful thinking..."

adva spring in paris

By Adva Price



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“Falling Star” by Kristin M

Kristin McCoy from Scrappy Happy Quilter. I am currently creating in Dickens,Tx. This week's challenge piece is called "Falling Star" 63 x63 rag lap quilt. I picked Fall as my inspiration. Fall it's my favorite season and I tend to desorate my house in warm earth colors. I've been saving a stash of orange fqs and fall fabrics...actually hoarding. Once this challenge posted, I knew it was time to use my hoard. I've made a few baby rag quilts and scarves and thought it's time I go big.


Then I decided to go big block. I picked a sisters choice block because it's a unique star design. I love when inspiration hits and in a matter of minutes  I was cutting and organizing.

 CYMERA_20160123_173738 (1)

After laying out the top I realized I didn't have enough orange for the back 49 squares so I came up with a second design for the back.


I enjoyed this week's challenge and can't wait for the next one.
I learn something new every week.



“Windows” by Cheryl H

Here's my entry in the seasons challenge. This one was fun for me.


Am enjoying the way having a challenge and a deadline melds  for the creative process.
Title: Windows
Created in issaquah WA



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“The Five Seasons” by April L

When challenge #2 was announced, I thought ok, I'm doing this. The prizes from #1 were impressive so I wanted to be in on it for this week's challenge and prizes!

image (2)
My seasons quilt is a mini at 18" x 18". I named it "The Five Seasons." It has a section for each of the 4 seasons plus the main season in the state of Alabama - Alabama Football Season. I'm not an Alabama fan myself but Craig (my husband) is a fanatic of the team and he will be receiving this mini to hang on the wall in his computer room (office). I've shown it to him and he likes it - of course he does. He doesn't know he's getting it for Valentine's though. Multipurpose project - I like it. I started it on Monday and finished it on Thursday. It is stitched in the ditch and labeled. I also included dowel pockets on the top corners for hanging. Each season has a special block. Spring's has a bunny appliqué. Summer has fireworks drawn in crayon and heated with the iron to set (never attempted this before so I hope it remains after washing). Fall has a pumpkin appliqué. And winter has champagne glasses appliqué.

image (4)
Thanks for the inspiration!
April Lett
Southside, Alabama

image (3)


Saturday, January 23, 2016

“Sun, Snow, Wind and Rain” by Claudia D

Hi, I am Claudia Donolli from Clayton, NC.
The name of my quilt is Sun, Snow, Wind and Rain.
I used colors I associate with the seasons and the occurring weather.

I used flip and sew and satin stitch to make 3-d leaves.

I machine quilted a sun, snow flakes, wind and rain on the piece. (Under the leaves)

I  put pieces of fabric under tulle and couching around the shape.
I tried to separate each season on the piece.


Things I tried for the first time:
Using tulle
Satin stitch
Changing color of thread when machine quilting.


Last picture is my finished 6ft table runner.


“Blizzard #1 2016” by Garen

Blizzard #1  2016

With the blizzard about to start here in Connecticut and all the coverage by the media all week long - it just had to be!!

image (1)

It is 19"x17"

And every sparkly metallic thread I could find!



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“Tree of Change” by Claudia M

Tree of Change
This is my entry for the Seasons theme this week. 

image1 (5)

I finally got to include some of my saved color catchers to depict the sky throughout the changing seasons.  Instead of binding, I chose to frame my quilt with denim jeans, keeping the edges raw like the machine appliqué.  Piece measures 20.5" x 14.5" and I am Claudia M. From Beaver Dam, WI.



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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Confetti Coasters


By Virginia

Splash of Color - Confetti Challenge Quilt

‘Splash of Color’ for the Project QUILTING Confetti ChallengeIMG_5849

I found the pattern on this site,, then adapted it a little bit to fit what I wanted to do. It measures 48" square. I call it Splash of Colors.
IMG_5851Later on I will be using this quilt in my local guild. That challenge is to make a quilt that is inspired by a children's book. I choose the Press Here and Mix it Up books.

It was long armed quilted by Cathleen Palkowski.

by Sue Zuk


‘Hearts a Flutter’ by Sharon Smith

Entry for the Project QUILTING Confetti Challenge

sharon smith

18x21, Hearts A 'Flutter, made in MI

‘Visions of Sugar Plums’ by Barbara Moore

Visions of Sugar Plums, a 9 X 10" appliquéd, beaded and fused quilt, made in Tucson, AZ

barbara moore

by Barbara Moore

Confetti Woman by Amanda R

I'm in South Africa..The size is 8.5"x12.5"...amanda reid close upconfetti hair overlaid with tulle ..machine applique ...amanda reid close up 2i did use a bit of sharpie pens to define the eyelashes..should have done some glitter eye shadow too!!!

amanda Reid

By Amanda Jane Dunnet Reid

‘Mooset’ by Eileen Lloyd

Here is my challenge quilt. I call it Mooset I used confetti quilting with appliqué.


I live in Harvard Il. My name is Eileen Lloyd.

Scrap Confetti by Betty C

Made for the Project QUILTING

I am quilting in Canby, Oregon.  My little quilt is 19x25.  I am using scraps from another project I am currently working on.

IMG_5798This could be a doll quilt or for a newborn baby.  Flannel backing.


By Betty C


‘It’s Hard to be Random’ by Cheryl H

Created in issaquah, WA for the Project


Title: It's Hard to Be Random

[I asked Cheryl if she had a story she’d like to share about her quilt …]

Not sure it's a story worth sharing but it started out as a much different idea that was beyond my skill set (I can't seem to sew curves on big pieces) so I regrouped and got something done, which is my goal overall, right? 

But I'm determined to figure out how do use my free motion foot in a challenge this year.


‘Confetti!’ by Garen

Project QUILTING Confetti Challenge Entry


It is 17 x 17"

Quilted and hand tact!


by Garen



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Saturday, January 9, 2016

“Looking Up” By MaryAnn S

Entry for Project QUILTING Season 7 – Confetti Challenge

"Looking Up", 16"  image1 (4)I imagined I'm on the ground looking up through the leaves of a tree where the sun is rippling at its edges.

by MaryAnn S
Monona, WI



‘There goes the sun pretty, baby” by Sylvia C

ecHere is my first project [for Project QUILTING, Confetti Challenge].  image1 (3)

It is call, "There goes the sun pretty, baby". It's made of scrapes and toile.  Inspired by the long missing sun.

By Sylvia Contreras

Madison, WI


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